Warranty Information

  • All parts/engines come with a warranty that varies due to what engine package/parts have been purchased. All OEM parts are covered under the OEM Motorcraft warranty.

  •  All warranty claims will use the Ford over-the-counter worksheet. 

  • Maximum of $150 US will be reimbursed for Diagnosis fees

  • $50 US will be reimbursed per Warranty Hour

  • All warranty claims go off of ALLDATA warranty book time

  • AFA does not allow stacking of hours (i.e. if a cylinder head goes bad, additional hours are not added to pull injectors.)

  • For any warranty claims on Ford or Air Fish Automotive parts/engines/etc., the parts must have been installed by a licensed and operational shop (i.e. not just your buddy "who is real good with these trucks")

  • No warranty on used electronics or electrical harnesses

  • Air Fish Automotive will not accept any returns or refunds because the wrong part was ordered, or there was a change of mind.

  • No replacement parts of any kind will be exchanged or warrantied until AFA has the original part/parts
  • 20% Restocking fee on any cancelled orders
  • All warranty/refunds payments will be sent in form of company check
  • All motor warranties must have oil change documentation with truck miles, weight & brand of oil used. New engines oil must be changed after 500 miles then 3,000 miles for the first 2 oil changes.
  • AFA does not reimburse for any towing 


  • No exceptions to the above-stated rules
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