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1995 - 2003 7.3 LIKE NEW 120v idm


Product Description

1995 - 2003 7.3 LIKE NEW 120v idm , MOTORCRAFT unit not aftermarket!

200 picked up 230 shipped!

Fits all 7.3’s like new cond pulled from wrecked truck!


Here are some interchangeable part numbers

2C24-12B599-AA, 2C24-12B599-AB, 2C24-12B599-AC, 2C24-12B599-AD, 2C24-12B599-AE, 2C24-12B599-AF, 2C24-12B599-AG, F5TF-12B599-AA, F5TF-12B599-AB, F5TF-12B599-AC, F5TF-12B599-AD, F5TF-12B599-AE, F5TF-12B599-AF, F5TF-12B599-AG, F6TF-12B599-AA, F6TF-12B599-AB, F6TF-12B599-AC, F6TF-12B599-AD, F6TF-12B599-AE, F6TF-12B599-AF, F6TF-12B599-AG, F7TF-12B599-AA, F7TF-12B599-AB, F7TF-12B599-AC, F7TF-12B599-AD, F7TF-12B599-AE, F7TF-12B599-AF, F7TF-12B599-AG, XC3F-12B599-AA, XC3F-12B599-AB, XC3F-12B599-AC, XC3F-12B599-AD, XC3F-12B599-AE, XC3F-12B599-AF & XC3F-12B599-AG

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